The TP-Link TL-WN723N USB WiFi has 3 versions:

V1 - using the realtek chip RTL8188SU (source)

V2 - using the realtek chip RTL8188CUS (source)

V3 - using the realtek chip RTL8188EUS (source)

Took me a day and several attempts before I stumbled onto this package (link)

This package includes:

1. Separate Wireless Network Utility app

2. RTL8188EU kext (for TL-WN723N-V3 and TL-WN725N-V2)

3. RTL8192SU / RTL8192CU kexts (I seriously don't know why these are present)

NOTE: This package is really for TL-WN725N-V2 but since i had such a tough time finding a package to make my TL-WN723N-V3 work, i thought i'd upload this separately.

So... this package will...

> Work for:

>>> TL-WN723N-V3 (has the required RTL8188EU kext)

>>> TL-WN725N-V2 (has the required RTL8188EU kext)

> NOT work for:

>>> TL-WN723N-V1 (missing RTL8188SU kext)

>>> TL-WN723N-V2 (missing RTL8188CUS kext)

for the above, you may try your luck here: