Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum. I come from the tonymacx86 forum where I got 0 replies on my forum post. It was complete and really clear. Everything was there. So I said something like : This forum is useless, please someone help me. Then my post got deleted and after searching google a billions things for my hackintosh to work properly I found that osx86 was appearing more often and has dedicated members that were at least repling to most of the post.

I don't want to make a war here but I'm tired, last 200 hours were consacred to making my build an hackintosh. I really believe in it but...

Here are my specs :

BOARD : ASUS P8P67 PRO (B2) REV 1.01






1 - I've made my USB stick with unibeast following the guide here

2 - I HAVE bought mountain lion on appstore.

3 - I have installed it succesfully with my hardware I've been able to boot it with theses flags (-x npci=0x3000 pcirootuid=0) just for people reading this post probably in the futur no need to write capital letters in flags.

After install I had ethernet working and my graphics were on 1080p but I had glitches. Bad FPS video flickering, youtube bugs. But right now I have more things to think about.

4 - I've installed the P8P67 DSDT available on tonymac downloads with multibeast. IT IS NOT WORKING with my configuration. I just can't reboot after that even with my flags.

5 - I've tried my own settings in multibeast and it was complicated to understand but from what I understand it was missing kext files for my configuration. Well it didn't worked.

6 - I've found this tutorial for a 2103 bios version. I tried it on bios version and left hanging in boot on NullCPUpowermanagement.kext. So I comment on youtube to ask him if he could remove the nullcpu...kext. and he send me a new link available right now in the video description in youtube. Tried the new driver package and I got stuck on corecrypto.kext FIPS POST passed! on boot... Well I guess those driver package only work correctly on 2103 bios version.

7 - So being there I tried downgrading my bios to 2103 with thousands of tutorial. ezflash, asus tools, amiflash, NAME IT, it just DON'T WORK ! Well I'm stuck on my bios version with a non working moutain lion.

I've just write all of this just to help maybe other people on the internet because I KNOW what it is to search and not find exactly people who have the almost same hardware than you. If I can help one people with this I'll be really pleased.

Well now what I want is not a solution, not a driver package, because i can definitely tell you that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO RUN BY NOW OSX MOUTAIN LION ON A ASUS P8P67 PRO board with a bios version higher than 2103. Trust me.

Now there is 2 choices for me :

FIRST : What board and graphic card, near my specs, I should buy that WILL ABSOLUTELY WORK FOR AN HACMINTOSH ON MOUNTAIN LION?

SECOND : Is there any drivers out there for my bios version that could work with snow leopard ?

I'm just tired of windows, for me windows is like a knife in my ass, fu*** windows, really all the frstration it gaves me can't beat the frustration I'm getting right now trying to get a working hackintosh.

Now I'm asking help, really, thanks.

This is exactly how I'm feeling :