Hello, SilverM here.

As you see this is my very first post or thread in general on this community and I'm quite new into this whole Hackintoshing or installing Mac OS to Windows devices. The thing is that I own ASUS K53U as I've specified in the title. I took the effort to screenshot the specifications I've currently got running on it. For the record I'm about to upgrade to 8Gigs of RAM and hopefully will apply another HDD or getting an external one to it which could hold up to few TB's. I am attending to run Logic Pro on this since I'm tired of crappy producing programs and I cannot bring my studio computers to my house since my wife would kill me totally... :(

I hope I get some advice from an experienced member about this situation and I'd really love to know whether to start trying to install the OS right now or should I wait for the upgrading day to come.


Silver M.