So complicated this iAKTOS! All thrown like fish in face! RAW data, missing guide, WTF!

I was looking to replace the niresh distro for 1 only reason: Niresh customized really too much his distro putting unwanted name anywhere, anytime, putting really ugly default red desktop screen customized "niresh": WTF!!! I would like something more stylish, not niresh everywhere: whe understood, thank you Niresh but this is exagerate! BUT, the Niresh distro is much easier to install and much more compatible. I tried iATKOS ML3U for my uefi motherboard and get usb boot error (no boot).

iATKOS ML2 hard and less compatble: wtf, could you be more easy? There are persons that doesn't beat kexth, plist, bootloaders and all around every day. You could do something more easy! WHY so bad?