Installed Mac os x show leopard 10.6.8, the sound driver got up fine, but on the net ..

The network card atheros ar5b95 Wireless Network adapter.

What kekstov only probyval install, not all of the plant and once wound up Wi fi, if you connect it connect, but internet access was not, went into the PCI inthernet, it's empty.

Help please.

Id Hardware PCI \ VEN_168C & DEV_002B & SUBSYS_E035105B & REV_01

PCI \ VEN_168C & DEV_002B & SUBSYS_E035105B

PCI \ VEN_168C & DEV_002B & CC_028000

PCI \ VEN_168C & DEV_002B & CC_0280

If it is necessary

Video: AMD Radeon HD 6300M series

processor: Intel(r) Core i3 CPU m380 @ 2.53GHz 2.53 GHz.

p.s. Greetings from Russia