I was sort of putting this off in hopes of resolving this issue, however I can't find a fix or even a mention anywhere. So I submit my plight to you in hopes of getting this to work. Anyway:

Specs: Asus X52J 2010, Core i3 989 socket, 3gb ddr3, AMD Radeon 6370M, wifi AR9825.

Issue: After applying this set of kexts and modifying the monitor information in /system/library/displays/override with the provided file, I rebooted and it seemed to load up fine even in the correct resolution. However only the background was visible and the cursor which I can only just move around. So, no dock and no topbar.

I kinda sorta figured that the above kexts would work with my machine even if it's for k52jt, because of their similarities and it indeed, it almost did. Before this, I tried another of amd/ati drivers for 6370m, but that didn't work even after double and triple checking the process.

I hope I provided sufficient information.