I'm hoping someone here can help, I started my first hackintosh project about a week ago. Purchased a Lenovo D30, Got 10.8.4 installed and functional, video is perfect on a Nvidia Quadro 2000d, but I can't get the onboard ALC662 audio working. Within Multibeast, I've tried all of the realtek profiles, all of the generic profiles., the Voodoo 2.1 shows devices and controls, but I never get any audio out of it.

When using mutibeast, i'm choosing DSDTfree and trying different hardware profiles from there. I've tried inserting kexts for the card I've found on this site, no go., tried building a DSDT from my motherboard and inserting the kext to run back through Multibeast, that put my machine into its current kernel panic.

I'm not altogether too savvy with coding., just wondering if there's something simple i'm missing to get the Realtek ALC662 audio functional.