Hey there.

I'm pretty new to Hackintosh, I've wanted one for a while but this is my first time getting around to it.

I am following this tutorial, and using Niresh's 1.7.2 Kexts Fixed verison for my OS.

What happens is, when I boot the CD, it starts, and then it runs the Apple logo. The spinning thing comes up, and spins around like twice and then freezes. I'm very frustrated and I am hoping that I'm not wasting my time.

My Specs are:


Model: Dell Inspiron 1545

Processor: Intel Celeron 900 @ 2.20 GHz

Motherboard: Dell Inc. Model 0G848F

RAM: 2048MB (2GB)

Graphics: Mobile Intel 4 Series Chipset Family

Hard Drive Space: 128 GB

If you can help, I'd be very very happy!

Also, I set my SATA to AHCI, so I don't see how that can be the problem.