Hi guys I have been reading a lot about this issu but I cant find a solution..

My specs

I7 3770

P8H77-M Pro

Sandisk extreme ssd 120Gb

WD Caviar Black 1 TB

Gtx 650 ti

I had to update the bios because i couldnt boot from uefi usb..

Now Im stuck since monday and I have tried tons of boot flags and intall options..

Im not familiar with clover but i've been reading it is the best for uefi mobos..

Im not sure if it is the cpu or the gtx 650 but none of them appear to be working, you can see an unknown cpu log and also in clover options it does not recognize my gtx..

Here are some pictures of the error


And the installation config.CAM00889[1].jpg CAM00890[1].jpg CAM00891[1].jpg CAM00892[1].jpg

there is one picture missing but it only has network checked


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