Hi guys,

I used unibeast to boot/install from USB...on my Elitebook 2570p (same internal hardware as 8570p - HD4000 graphics)

HD 4000 integrated graphics

core i7 3520M

I had to use the GraphicsEnabler=No -f switch to get to the installer screen (as otherwise the screen just goes black / no signal straight away)

I went through the install process... the machine rebooted...with the USB stick still installed ..I was then presented with an option to select my USB stick or the new Mountain Lion install (on the hard drive) ... I selected the Mountain Lion install (with no flags) and got a black screen again...... Rebooted, tried the mountain lion install with the safe mode flag and was able to get to the desktop of the Mac....(albeit in safe mode)...

Did you guys experience similar issues ? I assume I need to install something once I am on the desktop (via multibeast or similar) to enable booting without having to enter flags each time?

Can anyone please advise accordingly as I am pretty stuck at the moment. If I have to enter commands each time I restart I guess ill have to switch back to windows Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance :)