I had a great working Hackintosh for many months, and something has gone wrong and I can't figure it out.

Not sure what caused it, but many graphic and audio softwares are acting up with improper visual performance. Grabbing objects causes mouse and object to disappear until mouse release which makes them unusable, and get a stack of the following errors in Console:

6/26/13 12:14:22.072 PM WindowServer[117]: _CGXSetWindowListMotionBlur: Invalid window 0x125

6/26/13 12:14:22.072 PM WindowServer[117]: CGXSetWindowTransformList: Invalid window 0x125

6/26/13 12:14:22.072 PM Dock[168]: CGSSetWindowTransformsAtPlacement: Failed

Etc. etc. etc.

Any ideas? Im officially at a standstill here, and can't work on music or graphics.


Asus x79Pro

Graphics: Nvidia 670

i7 6 core 3.2

OX 10.8.4

RampageDev DSDT