Hello everyone!

I am new to the hackintosh process, though extremely keen to get up and running.

I currently own a Toshiba Satellite L650-12Q and having some difficulties installing Mountain Lion (10.8.3)

Full Specs of Laptop: http://www.toshiba.co.uk/discontinue...lite-l650-12q/

I am using myHack as the bootloader (though happy to switch to another if this would solve the issue)

What is going wrong:

After setting up my BIOS to boot from my MyHack USB, I get the this screen:

I let this hang for about 30 minutes with no change so went into the installation again, this time using -v for verbose mode.

Here i notice to unusual problems: the first is...

1) bootcachecontrol unable to open /var/db/bootcache.playlist 2

followed by

2) iobluetoothhcicontroller start completed (it then stops and hangs for the same 30 minutes)

I have looked all over google and coudln't find anything, though I have seen videos on YouTube of People installing a hackintosh with myHack on a Tohsiba Satellite L650 (not the 12q, although the 12q is slightly better)

I'm hoping someone out there will be able to help me and let me know whether my Laptop is ACTUALLY Hackintoshable.

If it isnt't, I can stop looking! haha

If it is however, someone may be able to help!

Thanks guys (: