I thought I should put an update up here now of the product ranges that have grown at the Laser Hive considerably in the last few months.

We have been around over 12 months now after what started as an out of control hobby.

I won't crowd this post with too much as you can always come and visit thelaserhive.com to look around, but as a quick summary and a couple of pic.s of the newest things we have in, here is the latest:

Motherboard trays - practically anything is possible in 5mm perspex but we do special versions that fit all known models of g5s and which locate around the original standoff positions or, if you have ripped all the standoffs out to the shelf screws/case screws.


Micro ATX boards that mount between G5 power supply shelf and DVD shelf in two types: 120 (single 120 fan) and Original (2x92mm fans original fan holder recycled) and which retain the original PCI slots.

ATX boards: High mounting 120 and Original types, plus today first run of low mounting 120 backplates - so no cutting of the top shelf - have come in:

Posted Image

Not had time to put these in the shop yet, but basically they are the same cost as the high mounting ones (plus a small charge for the power inlet if wanted - blank plates without the inlet also available).

All the ATX kits now have custom IO shields from brushed aluminium and with long threaded inserts for firmly mounting the PCI-e cards in place.


We do backplate, IO and motherboard area conversions for all G4s and the G3. Latest addition today (18.3.2013) is a special ITX plate for the range which incorporates a 60mm fan opening as well as two PCI-e slots so you can use with a graphics card. The advantage of this plate is that it moves the board down low to give more clearance in the case and give more ventilation possibilities. Also with an ITX board you are less likely to need to do other hardware mod.s to your G4 to make things fit.

Posted Image

Okay, that is just a quick update on a couple of things. Please email for any information info@thelaserhive.com or feel free to post questions on here too.