Hello, I have two questions.


So I am making a script to mount my external shares.

One share is the NAS and one is an USB disk on the router with the Samba capability.

The script is a simple one:

do shell script "mount -t smbfs //login:pass@<path to NAS> /<path to mount folder>"

Executing the above on the NAS works great.

Executing it on the USB disk (which is actually a samba share) doesn't work. I checked like 20 times for mistakes, but I see none. It says "No such file or directory"

However, when I go to the Finder, "Connect to Server", and type in smb://router, it connects without a question. Pulls the info from the keychain also.

Why is one Samba share working (NAS) and the other doesn't (router).


I turned on samba sharing on OSX, and I can access the shares from other windows computers correctly and also log into shares properly.

However, I own a QNAP NMP-1000P media player, and it won't access the shares properly, no matter what I do.

Shares from Windows normally work however, so it's an OSX fault apparently, or simple incompatibility.