Hi All,

I've scrounged a ton of web pages so far but can't seem to settle on a MB that meets my requirerments. All I want this machine for is an Appliance to run ONE app: Audirvana+ All the app will do is take PCM(wav or flac) or DSD audio (via flac or SACD iso) files and output the stream to S/PDIF, which physically is either toslink or Coax. It does not matter which so long as it supports 24bit @ 192khz.

I was really bummed to find out that none of the MacBook or MacMini support faster than 96khz and I have a lot of content at 176.4 and 192 Khz. Some might say can you hear the difference? I think so, but the point is that you want your stream to the outboard DAC to MATCH so it does no conversion. Therein the sound quality problem lies.

So, if anyone can recommend a MB I'd really appreciate it. It does not need to be expensive (the cheaper the better), it appears that the Realtek ALC898 chip does the requisite S/PDIF, it needs to run Mtn Lion (the app requires at least Lion - which sucked), 4GB ram is enough, although 8GB preferred, integrated DVI (if possible - graphics performance not needed) and a reasonably easy install - fewest tweaks and Kext.