So I got a hold on a pretty complete and OK state PowerMac G5 case, without the logic board and no PSU, although the PSU casing is present. I actually didn't know what to do with it when I bought it, all I knew is wanted to do a project with a Mac Pro or PowerMac G5 for a very long time.

Here are some photos:

Posted Image

Posted Image

In the foto's above I removed the optical drive since I'll probably not use it or replace it with a SATA one, it's just not a priority at all. It also has no physical damage except some scratches. I don't know if I'll leave it like that or I'll treat it with a new coat of anodising, it's also one of the last things on my mind.

The plan now is to make it into a NAS, since I need lots of room for disks and this case can supply me with that space. I want to get about 8 hard drives in there as a starting point in the same way as another modder did. But I'm contemplating on using the Mac Pro hard drive brackets with a custom-built system to hang them all horizontally, in a vertical arrangement.

If anyone has the exact measurements of those Mac Pro HDD trays, I owe you one.

I'm also planning of putting the entire motherboard inside, using a seperate custom board for the connections on the back. I saw that someone was making them as a project, but it didn't include the FireWire or optical ports, which I intend to do include. I'm still not sure if this is doable but this project doesn't need to be finished any time soon, so I'll probably get this done later anyway.

As the PC hardware goes, nothing is set in stone. It depends when most of the work is complete and how much disposable income I have at that time I guess. At the moment I'm thinking it will be my retiring current system, which is the following:

- micro-ATX Asus P5E-VM HDMI (onboard video)

- Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850

- 8GB Corsair Dominator DDR2 PC2-8500

- bunch of 3,5" hard drives

I also have a Scythe Mugen II CPU-cooler somewhere that I never got to install due to my current case not having enough room.

As the power supply I'm not sure what I will do, except that I will use the hidden compartment and the case of the original PSU to get one in there. I have an Enermax 620W PSU and a Shuttle PC50 250W PSU (very compact), not sure which one to use yet but I have options.

On the overall look, I want to keep it as clean as possible and as original as possible. When all the preparations are complete, I'll likely include the G5 shield to cover the motherboard. I've already ordered replacement fans (from Noctua) and two 4-port SATA backplane kits from Corsair, along with the front-panel I/O cable from BlackCH.

Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome !