Hi I am new to Hackintosh and always wanted to build one. Have lots of PC experience. I am building one for my parents and figure the Apple software would be easier for them to use and less virus problems. I am using an Intel Core i3-3225 CPU and want to use the onboard and HDMI audio. I have tried everything in audio kexts I searched for and the only one was the package listed here to install it with a DMG file on this website with another program called Champlist. Problem is then I have problems booting and cannot get Chameleon to install on the hard drive and it also messes up my video which I am using the Intel 4000HD on the CPU no card to keep the cost down. Have 8GB Kingston good quality memory and the TP-Linnk R+TL-WDN4800 which is working fine with the Atheros kext. Also have an LG CH12LS28 which has Blu-Ray playback which works fine on regular CD/DVD, I understand Blu-Ray is not supported on MAC at this time. I need guidance on getting both audio to work, board plugs and HDMI and also when goes into sleep cannot wake it and rans still run. Any help greatly appreciated. This is an awesome website thanks for all the great info.

Oh also am using Mountain Lion 10.8.2 that I purchased off Apple store with Tony MAC Multibeast 5.2.1 to install. Worked fine but audio selections for ALC887 without or with DSDT did not work. Graphics enabled since I am using CPU video which works fine. Boots perfectly with the Mutlibeast right to Macintosh HD is what I labeled OS.