Alright, so today after two weeks, I was finally able to install snow leopard onto a MEMORY STICK. Seeing as my HDD needed to be formatted and i don't want to do that.


Asus Maximus 4 extreme (Modified Bios)

Asus Geforce 590 (Dual Processor)

Patriot Magnum SuperSonic 64gb (Storage)

4GB DDR3 Ram, Corsair vengence. other 12gb won't work...

Intel I7 2600k

samsung 610 series 40" tv as monitor set onto HDMI


1.No audio

2.Can only boot in safe mode + npci=0x2000 PCIRootUID=1

3.Monitor not 1920x1080. Stuck at 1024x something. ONLY OPTION

4.Slow, How can I optimize it?

5.The rebooting process scares me.

6.Can't restart, Sleep, Shut down properly.

7.Errors and errors and errors.


1.will be updated as I re check them all. and how to fix em.


What I need is updates/Kexts or w.e. you guys call em. I need to find out what I need, What I have and what needs to be done. Would someone be willing to help me?