Hey, I have a PC with a Windows 8, and now I want to install Mac OS X (in special Mountain Lion or Lion if I can, but Snow Leopard is good too). I have AMD Phenom X4 9650 2.3 GHZ, 8 GB RAM, ATI 7770 1GB, I want to know if I can install one of these version of mac on my system.

I tried iAtkos ML but when I insert the USB into PC my pc got frozen. And I thoght anyway there is a kext for AMD but maybe only for some AMD, mine is pretty old and I think don't work, and I don't know how to insert a kext.

I tried Lacedaemon's method (http://acert0sh.weebly.com/portal.html) , I asked him and he said that work on my pc (Snow Leopard), and I have a problem, I asked him but he didn't respond, He didn't visited the forum from 4 days.

I got retail version of Snow Leopard (10.6.3), and I'm stuck at "Step 1: Installation" at 6 and 7 point. After I drag OS in Source and USB at Destination I hit restore and I wait, after finish, I can see Installation Wizzard on my USB (I can make a video if you can't understand), is something like installation is replaced on my usb and chamereon, and some files are erased. What is wrong? Why I didn't make step 9 "9. uncheck erase Destination (duh!)" ? I don't have this option on disk utility (Lion 10.7.5)

I hope you would understand what I wanted to say, if not, I can make a short video. Please reply. Thanks.

Or there are a method for my pc to install Lion or ML tell me please.