I bet this is a pretty common problem with Hackintosh installations, but mine is intermittent and it didn't do this before! :)

I have 10.8 ML installed and updated, running perfectly on a Dell Optiplex 960, 6 GB RAM, with nVidia 8600 GTS graphics. What a sweet little machine.

Just a few days ago I noticed I was getting this black screen, after you see the Apple icon on the light gray background. Then the black screen appears, and the monitor throws an error message: No Video.

I'm running an iATKOS installation, if that's of any importance.

If I keep restarting the machine, eventually the OS will load and I can get to a log-in screen.

For some reason, the nVidia driver is not being loaded, but I don't know why and it wasn't a problem before.

(You can tell when the video driver gets loaded - the graphics card fan spins down to an idle. When the machine is booting it spins FAST.)

Can anyone tell me what's causing this? It never happened before and this is a NICE machine. Very stable and fast. I recently installed FCP 7, but I can't see why that would affect the boot sequence.

Thank you.