I am attempting to install Snow Leopard on my Inspiron XPS Gen 2 and have opened up a Premium Support topic.

I feel that I am very close to getting this to work...but I have several questions.

- It was suggested that I attempt the install to an external 16GB USB drive that I have - how should I format this drive? I assume GUID + either FAT32 or hfs+?

- The problem that I am having is that Disk Utility won't format the drive (hangs on unmounting). How important is it that I erase/format the partition or drive from within Disk Utility before attempting the installation. Can I just preformat to hfs+ and then go right to the install without opening Disk Utility?

- What could cause the installer not to work...I am trying to troubleshoot.

- Is 10.6.3 Retail ok to use?

- How would I utilize the legacy_kernel? My CPU is a Pentium M 745 1.8GHz modded to 2.4 GHZ.

Thank you!