I have around €1200 of extra money on the side and thought I'd get a real Apple desktop as soon as it'd happen to me. The thing is my MacBook Pro is doing fine and my Hackintosh too. Plus my hackintosh has the plus sides of having a Blu-ray burner and a decent graphics card. The thing is, it's now 3 years old, and that was the age of my other computers when they "died". Plus, a SATA port fell off the motherboard last week.

I was thinking of getting an i7 Mac mini as well as an OWC Data Doubler and a 256 GB Samsung 840 or Crucial M4 SSD to setup a DIY Fusion Drive (Apple's option here in France only gives you a 128 GB SSD for almost the price of a 512 GB one). The things that appeal me so much are the i7 processor and the USB 3 ports

Am I crazy, just a geek or fanboy? Should I get one or put the money on the side and get a new hack once it dies?

Thanks for your advice.