My neighbors where not at home all day. Their cat went to us, we are keeping it inside since then.

Now, we are living here since a month or so. We left a note in their mailbox, that the front door had been open all day, and we have their cat, lol :P

So, the neighbors are home now, at 2 am. I went trough the backyard, looked over the fence, light's where burning.

So i went around their fence, somehow we have a shared garden, and i knocked on the window. the guy on the couch, sitting in his underpants, was looking at me waving, and just turned his head.

I personally do not trust this.

I know Belgians are not about socializing, but if someone knocks on my door at 2 am, i would go for it.

Btw, i'm an idiot from the Netherlands, but i need some serious advice, do i need to call the police?