I have a problem,

Notebook Toshiba A660-11M

Satellite A660-11M - Toshiba MountainLion retial 10.8.2 (multibeast & unibeast) updatet to 10.8.3 + New Nvidia CUDA Driver (cudadriver-5.0.45)

Graphics GT330M 1024MB DDR3 (0x0a2910de)

I7 720QM CPU

The system starts properly once every 5-10

With GraphicsEnabler = Yes hangs on apple.

With GraphicsEnabler = No I have a Black screen (suspended, not responding)

When the system start properly, I have QE CI, full resolution.

When I delete Geforce.kext, NVDANV50Hal.kext, NVDAResman.kext, of course, the system starts every time but without QE CI and 1024x768

Adding ID to the info.plist does not change anything.

Kext from DP1 - DP4 does not change anything.

Graphics card inserted into dsdt does not change anything. (I hope I did it right)

The system gets up when he wants to.

As already start it works perfectly.

I should add that with 10.7.2 this issue does not exist.

Every time boots correctly with QE CI. Do not crash.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Sorry for my Englisch.