Mac OS 10.7 11A511

All stuff is working (USB, Fireware (RMEfireface 800))

EXCEPT THE MAIN - Pro tools HD PCIe card (with 192IO interface). It is working abs. well in other systems (W7 and XP) on the same hardware, but is not seen by the Lion system in S. Information and is not seen by Digitest Utility.

So NO AVID MIDI interface (Fireface 800 in there) Rescan Midi has no result.

All drivers (THE LAST! - same as for 905 and 10) are set up (was problem with DIGIDAL.kext - was solved), so when I go to SOUND "Digi Core Audio Device" in there, but any tries to do smth. with it are worthless)

I've even tried PCI Bridge - trusted in some controllers (Pcie TP-link Ethernet and 3x-Fireware PCI) and they are in there (Ethernet Cards is +1 and FireWare is +1), BUT NO PT!!!!!

(I tried differ slots and now it is in the 1st (x8), and right next after it is AMD Radeon 6800 (at 1st x16))

I were little disappointed about NOTHING in the PCI CARDS, but....

SO I have NO AVID in the system. What do you say on that?

Thanks whatsoever.