Hi guys, so I'm new here so please be understanding, thanks in advance !

I will tell you how my instalation began and please help my with this problem

I downloaded iATKOS S3 v2 because i need to instal mac on my PC because i need to use Logic.

So i burn the iso by windows 7 and then I selected in bios AHCI (or somethink like that) for disk (because i read that it's important) and made my dvd rom 1st boot deviece.

Then I put the dvd into drive and it booted nice and I saw language settings, so i choose english and than i open disk utility, selected my disk and erase it (with MAC jurnaled) and then i made 1 partition with GUID table end jurnaled MAC settings amd yeah MAC want to install on this so i close disk utility and press install button. It began but after 2-3 minutes it shows me screen with yellow board and it says : instalation failed, the installer could not copy necessary files :(((

I tried again with MBR table partition but it doesnt works :( HELP ME GUYS PLEASE !!!!

Here is my LOG file :

And please tell me what i should do with my graphics card (Gainward GeForce GTX260) after install to run it properly.

My setup:

Intel Quad Q8200

Motherboard: Asus P5Q SE Plus

2x 2GB Kingston HyperX 1066 DDRAM2

Disk: Samsung 160 GB 7200

Graphics: Gainward GeForce GTX260 1GB Golden Sample

Music: Creative Live SB and builtin realtec

Power: Rassurbo 550 W

GUYS please help, TAKE CARE ! :)