I was messin around with FCP, Adobe cs6 and i got cuda gpu working for my graphics card, Ive fixed the about this mac to display correct name instead of the serial but it still shows serial in the deeper settings ive found this looking at the after effects info for Cuda/Gpu/Cpu for intense graphics.


"Texture memory: 1024 Vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation Renderer string: NVIDIA GeForce Pre-Release D14P2-30 OpenGL Engine Version string: 2.1 NVIDIA-8.10.44 304.10.65f03 OpenGL Version: 2.1 Has NPOT support: TRUE Has Framebuffer Object Extension support: TRUE Has Shading Language support: TRUE Started compilation of GLSL shaders Successfully finished compilation of GLSL shaders Ignoring SM4.0 check for cards on mac Return code: 3"