Hi a few months back I installed moutinlion on my pc and its been greateverything worked oot box.

However today I plugged in a second hard-drive inside my pc to find out if it is faulty which it was.

When I removed it and tried to boot my mac I get the error below.

boot:0 GPT

boot:0 test

boot:0 test

boot:0 test

boot1: error

At this point it stops and stays on that screen, in order for me to boot now I insert my usb stick recovery which I used to install mac and then select my os from the options it gives when booted.

I don't understand how I can break my mac by installing a second hardrive as I did not touch anything or any settings.

how do I fix this please ?.

I also plan to install a second drive later today to install windows 7 on it, I guess it will break mac loading again so how can I prevent that from happening please ?.