So, I'm a total beginner at this. I don't have the cash to make a custom build hackintosh, or even just buy a Mac.

Thus, I am stuck with an ACER Aspire 5515. I don't even know where to begin with the install. I'm pretty sure it's compatible. I would like to run OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion, but if I have too, I will run OS X Snow Leopard. Could someone give me a detailed guide on how to install OS X on my laptop? I could purchase retail if needed, but if there is an "alternate" (coughcoughtorrentscoughcough) method, it would definitely be awesome. I am running Ubuntu 12.10 currently, and my specs are as followed:

Processor / Speed - AMD Athlon™ processor 2650e (512 KB L2 cache, 1.6 GHz, DDR2 800 MHz, 15 W)

Core Logic Chipset - AMD RS690MC/SB600

System Bus Speed - N/A

RAM / Max RAM - Up to 2 GB of DDR2 667 MHz memory, upgradeable to 4 GB using two soDIMM modules, with Dual-channel DDR2 SDRAM support

HDD - 160 GB Hitachi

I would greatly appreciate any help given. Thank you. :)