(Paths Shown on The Guide Video May Vary from The Original Path
You Have to Select The Path of DMG File)

  • View The Video and Create Your Bootable USB
  • After Making USB Bootable USB Reboot and Boot From The USB 
  • and Don't Forgot to Edit The Bios Settings
  • SATA as AHCI
  • ACPI as S3
  • LegacyUSB as ON
  • UEFI Boot to OFF (In Some MotherBoards it May Cause to Stuck on Boot0 Error)
  • Remove All Unnecessary USB Devices Except KB and Mouse
  • Installing on an External Volume Will Probably Fail Because External Volumes are Now Owned by Root

While Booting From USB
If You Press 6 Within a Second The Clover Boot-loader Will Be Loaded
-Instead of Default Boot-loader Chameleon
Press 1 for Chimera

This Distro Support MBR so You Can Erase The First Partiton as "Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)"
and Install Without Wiping The Entire Partition

Hp Laptop Users Type
"Kernel Cache"=/hp -v 
Before Booting 

Atom Users type
"Kernel Cache"=/atom -v 
Before Booting

Every user of Niresh ML 10.8 Distro, must use this Patch to fix an Installer Bug.

Do Not Select Any FakeSMC Plugins

Do Not Select These Packages

All Credits to Niresh19495