OSX 10.8 is the latest version of Operating System from Apple with over 200 new features, check ahead on how-to install it on your computer.

Prerequisites :
You don't need a snow leopard/Lion to install OSX Mountain Lion but you need one to prepare the Mountain Lion install USB hdd/thumb drive, which you can do on a Mac of your friend. You should follow all steps in preparing USB HDD for OSX Mountain Lion Install on a Mac running snow-leopard (or) Lion/Mountain Lion.

If your friend does not allow you to do that, 

then follow step 1 else skip to step 2.

1. A working snow leopard install >= 10.6.6
(To install snow leopard follow this link )
2. Buy and download 'Install OSX Mountain Lion app',  from apple through Mac app store from this link.
3. intel  >= core2 duo processor.
4. Discrete Graphics card - Nvidia Geforce 8 series and above (or)

    Integrated Graphics card - intel HD 3000 or above

Note : intel GMA 950 /3100 is no longer supported by OSX.

5. USB storage device >= 8Gb.
6. OSX Mountain Lion Install files (Grab it from Downloads ).

Note: For first time hackintosh BIOS settings refer here.

Preparing USB HDD/Thumbdrive for OSX Mountain Lion install :

1. Go to Applications, copy Install OSX  Mountain Lion app to a safe place and ->( right click)Show Contents
2. Locate the InstallESD.dmg file and mount it
3. Use app ShowAllFiles.app(from install files folder) to show hidden files and mount BaseSystem.dmg
4. Open Disk Utility and Format your USB storage drive with Mac OSX Extended Journaled (If you are using a external HDD, it should be first partition, else your BIOS would not boot it).
5. Restore the mounted BaseSystem to your USB storage drive.
6. Goto USB storage drive and locate the Packages alias in /System/Installation and delete it.
7. Copy the packages folder in the root of InstallESD to same location as alias on USB storage drive.
8. Copy mach_kernel from InstallESD to root of USB drive.
9. Open Replacement files and with the files in it replace the actual files in the USB drive .

10. Add Kexts from S/L/E.zip to /System/Library/Extensions on USB and replace any kext that exist.
11. Make a cache of S/L/E and E/E by dragging each respective folder to Kext Utility.
12. Copy the Extensions.mkext in /System/Library to System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup
13. Copy Extra folder to USB drive - copy your own DSDT.aml from your snowleopard system.
14. Install Chameleon to USB.
15. Use ShowAllFiles app to hide hidden files.
16. Use disk utility to repair permissions and repair disk. 
17. Install chameleon to your current Lion/Snow Leopard drive.
18. Boot the USB HDD.

Installation :

1. After booting the USB HDDyou can select the drive to install OSX Mountain Lion and follow the instructions on screen.

Video on Installing OSX Mountain Lion on PC

Troubleshooting :

1. Make sure you have followed all instructions 
(refer video for confirmation).
2. If your installer boots into black screen or if it gets stopped, you probably need to delete your graphics kexts and boot with,


The Graphics kexts to be deleted are,


Intel = AppleIntelHD* AppleIntelSNB*

nVidia = GeForce* NVDA*

3. After Install if you get a black screen during boot, then you probably need to delete the graphics kexts again and make a backup to patch it later. Boot to the USB, use terminal to issue the following commands -

fsck -fy
mount -uw /
mkdir /kext_backup
cd /System/Library/Extensions
mv AppleIntelHD* AppleIntelSNB* ATI* GeForce* NVDA* /kext_backup

4. If you get IOPCI driver not found or ACPI driver not loaded, use the kexts from troubleshoot folder and use ./myfix script to correct permissions and rebuild cache if you are using terminal from USB drive.
5. For general Audio, Video, input troubleshooting see the troubleshooting tab in the top.

6. Post your queries in comments or in Hackintosh-India facebook page.

Post Installation :


For a perfect hackintosh you need a file called DSDT.aml . 

Look here for further details.


For a perfect hackintosh you need a file called SMBIOS.plist

Look here for further details.