I would tell you how to make a Bootable DVD out of Install OSX Mountain Lion  app. You can use this dvd to install OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) on your computers. See the two part video guide and make your own bootable OSX  Mountain Lion DVD.

Note: If you are installing mountain lion for the first time, I recommend you to try USB install method first. So that you can fix any files incase you could not boot into the installer.

Prerequisites :

You don't need a snow leopard to install OSX Mountain Lion but you need one to prepare the Mountain Lion install DVD image, which you can do on a Mac of your friend. You should follow all steps in preparing OSX Mountain Lion Install DVD on a Mac running snow-leopard (or) Lion/Mountain Lion.

If your friend does not allow you to do that, 

then follow step 1 else skip to step 2.

1. A working snow leopard install >= 10.6.6
(To install snow leopard follow this link )
2. Buy and download 'Install Mac OSX app',  from apple through Mac App Store from this link.
3. intel  >= core2 duo processor.
4. OSX Mountain Lion Install files (Grab it from Downloads ).

Preparing Bootable DVD for OSX Mountain Lion install :

1. Go to Applications-> Install OSX Mountain Lion app ->
( right click)Show Contents
2. Locate the InstallESD.dmg file and mount it
3. Use app ShowAllFiles.app(from install files folder) to show hidden files and mount BaseSystem.dmg
4. Create a new 8.5 GB DVD image using disk utility.

Note : Mountain Lion required Dual layer DVD.
5. Restore the mounted BaseSystem to the image you just created.
   5.a) Mount the DVD image you create.
6. Goto the DVD image and locate the Packages alias in /System/Installation and delete it.
7. Copy the packages folder in the root of InstallESD to same location as alias on DVD Image.
8. Copy mach_kernel from InstallESD to root of  DVD Image.
9. Unzip the Replacement Files.zip, with the files in it replace the actual files in the DVD Image.
10. Copy your own DSDT.aml and SMBIOS.plist from your snowleopard system (If you have one, do not copy any file from your friend's system if he is of different hardware or a real mac !!) to the Extra folder in the downloaded files.
11. Add Kexts from S/L/E.zip to /System/Library/Extensions on DVD Image and replace any kext that exist.
12. Make a cache of S/L/E and E/E by dragging each respective folder to Kext Utility.
13. Copy the Extensions.mkext in /System/Library to System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup
14. Copy the file cdboot from i386 to the usr/standalone/i386 on the DVD Image.
15. Create a Preboot image by following the steps below,
15.a) Create a preboot image by giving the following command in the terminal. Replace /Applications2/OSX_Mountain_Lion_Install\ files/ with your Volume name (i.e the place where you have downloaded OSX Mountain Lion Install Files).

sudo hdiutil create -size 10m -type UDIF -fs HFS+ -layout SPUD -volname Preboot /Volumes/Applications2/OSX_Mountain_Lion_Install_Files/Preboot.dmg -ov -quiet  

15.b) Attach the created Preboot.dmg

sudo hdiutil attach -owners on /Volumes/Applications2/OSX_Mountain_Lion_Install_Files/Preboot.dmg   

16. Copy the Extra folder from OSX Mountain Lion Install files to the Preboot and Eject it.

17 a). Copy the Preboot.dmg to the Extra folder.

17 b). Copy Extra to your DVD image.

18. Make the DVD Image Bootable by using the following command, where '/Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Base\ System\ 1' is the path to my DVD Image. You should substitute it with your path. 

sudo hdiutil makehybrid -o Mac_OS_X_10.8_Install_DVD.iso /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Base\ System\ 1  -iso -hfs -joliet -eltorito-boot /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Base\ System\ 1/usr/standalone/i386/cdboot -no-emul-boot -hfs-volume-name "Mac OS X Install DVD" -joliet-volume-name "Mac OS X Install DVD"  

19. You will find your bootable OSX Mountain Lion Install DVD in your home folder. Burn it up !!

If you get any errors watch the video and correct your errors.

Installation :

Note: For first time hackintosh BIOS settings refer here.

1. After booting the DVDyou can select the drive to install OSX Mountain Lion and follow the instructions on screen.

Troubleshooting :

1. Make sure you have followed all instructions 
(refer video for confirmation).
2. If you get IOPCI driver not found or ACPI driver not loaded, use the kexts from troubleshoot folder and use ./myfix script to correct permissions and rebuild cache from the terminal from the DVD.
3. Post your queries in Hackintosh-India facebook page.

Post Installation :


For a perfect hackintosh you need a file called DSDT.aml . 
Look here for further details.


For a perfect hackintosh you need a file called SMBIOS.plist
Look here for further details.

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