kernel name "mach_kernel" This flag simply tells the system to boot from another kernel available in / (aka root).

= Most of the hacked kernels include the possibility at boot to chosen FSB frequency. These flags DO NOT work with any known vanilla kernel. Do testing with the below values to see what works for you. The default value is 200Mhz. If you want different value, you have a few possibilities.

Ex: kernel name "netkasSS_kernel"

Ex: fsb=800 or use one of these flags below:

= For frequency's multiplied by 100 Mhz
-y = For frequency's multiplied by 133 Mhz
-z = For frequency's multiplied by 166 Mhz

* You can easily add either the -y, -g, or -z options to your boot.plist file or use the fsb=<mhz> flag to give it an exact figure. I have not tested the fsb=<mhz> flag but the -y gave me the correct 800fsb (100mhz x 8) and boosted my performance to where it should be in OSX. This may not change the FSB in about this mac on a hack, it did not for me. You would need to test with a benchmark app to see the gain. Hopefully hardcoded front side bus speeds can be added to SMBIOS files at some point in the future by netkas or Mac.Nub.

= Force vmware support, with hacked kernels. Needs testing.

= Force 64bit mode for AMD 64 bit cpu's. Needs testing.

= Number of physical cpu's installed NOT CORES. Also needs testing