Simple Troubleshooting guide:

At times after installation, your system may not work properly as in - it may restart, not boot at all or hang at a certain point. This is quite normal and there are many ways for it to be fixed. It varies from one case to another case. However this basic troubleshooting guide would help you to fix most of the common problems.

- If you're facing hangs, freezes or kernel panics (which is present as a shutdown symbol on the screen just after boot) type in "-v" (without quotes) in the boot command of the bootloader. This would give you verbose output which is useful for the solution.

- "Waiting for root device" - It means that OS X doesn't see your hard disk or boot device. You can face with this during dvd boot or after system install during hdd boot.

Change your SATA mode from IDE/RAID to ACHI by your BIOS setup and also you need to check other BIOS settings that might be the usual problem, read the "mickey mouse guide" on our forum for BIOS settings. This usually does fixes the problem. If not, then you can try to install using a USB media. You need to restore the L2 image to USB media and install chameleon to it. You can do it on both OS X and Windows systems, search our forum or google for instructions. If still no light, then you may have an incompatible hardware for this OS.

- White or black screen during HDD boot - This means that OS X doesn't see your monitor properly or your graphics card isn't working correctly. Firstly boot with "-x -v" to reach up to GUI, then you can search the internet for the solution for your graphics hardware. Secondly reinstall the OS again, but this time make sure you don't select any graphic drivers. If you can login to GUI, you know what to do so.

- Keep in mind that sometimes certain kext patches may not work for your system even though they are the same chipset but a slight variation may cause it not to work on your PC. The result may be a kernel panic again, reinstall back but this time don't select any funny patches/drivers. This would resolve your problem.

By Ufuk Durgun