[HELP] worst thing happend I accidentally reseted my config I0bluetoothfamily...

i7 3770 GTX 660 Hey! I get a stupid I0bluetoothFamily[searchfortransportEventTimeOutHandler] -- Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport ! error now :/

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Yosemite not booting after 10.10.5 update

I decided to update my Hackintosh to 10.10.5 via Appstore, but now it won`t boot up, just rebooting. Then I read somewhere, that I have to change AMD kernel. Changed kernel file via Windows, but it keeps not booting. Maybe there is some way to boot my Hackintosh without reinstalling it?

Or, if I want reinstall Niresh Yosemite and update to 10.10.5, what would be the best way?

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How to remove Chameleon/Chimera entirely from a drive?

I have an old SSD that used to be my main OS X drive, and has Chimera on it. Since I've been interested in Linux Mint recently, I made a live USB, formatted the SSD and installed Mint on it.

The problem is that when I boot from the SSD, it still goes to the Chimera boot menu and then hangs because it is trying to load OS X it seems (the Apple logo comes up with an empty loading bar). How do I remove this and get GRUB to be the bootloader on that drive? I thought the install would overwrite everything including Chimera, but it seems not.

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Got everything working except my GTX 970...

Yesterday I installed OSX yosemite 10.10 on my PC and with some trouble I got everything to run except my GTX 970 which I really need for rendering. I tried a bunch of things even updating to el capitan in hopes that it might start working and even that throws a bunch of erros and fails :( . My PC: i7 3770k, Asrock z77 performance, 16gb of ram and my 970.

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Clover UEFI boot on ASUS Sabertooth P67


Just updated my hackintosh to El Capitan, and decided to do the switch from Chameleon to Clover at the same time. Generally speaking, everything went fine, but I ran into a lot of issues booting properly via UEFI (read: I couldn't.)

I did use Multibeast to do the install, and the only other help I was able to find recommended building the install USB with an MBR-formatted stick, and using Legacy Boot. I have it all installed and working now, but I haven't been able to make my BIOS see the EFI partition and/or add an NVRAM entry so that it can boot via UEFI -- I'm booting currently using the boot0af method with Legacy Boot, and just used fdisk to make my EFI partition the "active" one.

Have tried using Clover options to write to NVRAM during boot, have tried several other things and I just can't seem to get my BIOS to see any UEFI boot options. Has anybody faced this and/or have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Yosemite Zone not booting! imgur.com/ARon5Hj

I installed Yosemite Zone to a 120 GB partition along with Windows 10 on the same drive. My current flags are -v cpus=1.

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Getting iMessage to work (Clover - El Capitan)

Howdy all,

I was able to get nearly everything working on my hackintosh, ha I'm actually using it at the moment. The only issue is that I can't use use iMessage. I've followed a few guides, but the main one is this one. With no avail, I still can't login.

It just says "Could not sign in to iMessage, an error occurred during activation. Try again."

Am I missing something else from that guide since I can't figure this out.

Specs are.


8GB Ram


GTX 970

and I'm using Clover.

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G3258 + El capitan?

Will it work? I have an Asrock mobo, I have heard you can fake the CPUID to make it seem like an i3. Or is haswell natively supported in 10.11 now?

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Hackintosh will only boot after saving settings on BIOS

I have and AMD Hackintosh on Yosemite 10.10, and in order to boot, I have to first go into the BIOS, save settings (even if I haven't changed anything). Otherwise, it'll hang on AppleUSBOHCI::CheckSleepCapability. The exact point differs: sometimes it might go a little further, sometimes it won't, but it always hangs at a message of that kind.

I have tried unplugging my usb devices, but it doesn't seem to do anything at all.

My system specs are: 3 HDDs - 1 for Windows 10, another for MacOSX, and a 2tb drive for storage

AMD FX-6300

ATI HD 7870


Should I try updating Yosemite? Saving BIOS settings works, but maybe it's not that healthy for the system, and it's not really practical to do it everytime I want to use my Hackintosh.

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