unibeast OSX installer wont letme install on HSF formatted partition

[Help] Bootstrapper has crashed: bus error: 10

Need some help with my Hackintosh Build

[Help] Bootstrapper has crashed: bus error: 10

[Help!] Can't get anything to load

URGENT: Nothing is being changed/added when using MultiBeast. I have no idea where it's saving to.

Is MyHack dead?

URGENT: Unable to use MultiBeast, install kexts, or configure a boot loader on 10.9.4 without my system 'breaking'.

[Help] FaceTime connection failed?

Intel HD 3000 kext for 10.10

[Hack Complete] 4790K + Z97 + 780Ti = a bit of a nightmare but everything works!

Update on AMD

What's the current state of sleep support on newer hardware? I mean full sleep (fans off, successful wake) and not just screen sleep. (MORE)

[Help] Hackintosh for Grandma

my first Hackintosh build

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