BCM94360CD for lenovo x220 hackintosh

Easiest way to create a Clover-based USB drive with Yosemite?

silent vga card

Yosemite - Clover doesn't boot all the way, forcing me to boot from my Unibeast thumb drive that won't let me use many Mac features.

Yosemite - Keeps rebooting when entering sleep and then no audio upon waking

Maxwell versus Hawaii for Hackintosh

Intel DH67BL troubles on Yosemite. Help is much appreciated!

My frist Hackintosh - Asus motherboard.

hackintosh bluetooth card

Looking for opinions [Budget Mac]

GTX 750ti sc...

Confused with Clover

Create Usb boot Yosemite in Windows

Updated to 10.10. Everything works as before. But I can only boot into Yosemite via the UniBeast USB. What gives?

Using MacFuse and NTFS-3G, I've made Steam games work on my secondary NTFS hard drive. However, when I try to play any large game, the audio crackles and it crashes. Is there an easy fix to this?

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